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The world has changed. This pandemic has fundamentally altered the lives of every human being on the planet. Every story is different and every experience unique, but one thing can not be argued — it has drastically affected us all. These are just a few life lessons learned that have taken on a newfound significance since this all began.

Changing Our Mindset Is Essential

It is a natural human instinct to focus on the bad as a means of survival. In order to avoid potentially dangerous situations, our brains are wired to assess any possible problems. In this insane time…

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I posted to Medium for the first time last month as a little birthday promise to myself. Before this, I had been social media free for the last five years (and yes, I consider Medium a form of social media). I have not posted, tagged, liked, or tweeted for a full five years and believe it or not — I am just fine. I have not lost touch with world or been ostracized by friends and family. In fact, I feel like I gained far more than I lost. …

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I began writing on Medium one month ago and within a few days found myself falling deep into the social media trap of chasing the ‘likes’, or in this case, the ‘claps’. Writing has always been a passion of mine and putting my words and stories out into the world was actually a big step for me. I have been social media free for about five years now and one of the main reasons I chose to ‘get off the grid’ in the first place, was to rid myself of that gnawing feeling that social media inevitably brings. …

Combat Current Lows With Past Highs

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You can’t live your life in the past — be in the present moment. But what if the present moment is not so pleasant? Granted, it is not healthy to live entirely in the past, but how about just vacationing there for a little while? Taking a trip down memory lane can be psychologically soothing, and given that we are currently living in some pretty intense times; it is no surprise that we turn to the past for comfort. Enter nostalgia.

“Nostalgia is a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy…

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Let me start by saying I did not quit my job to follow my passion and now live in total bliss. I have read countless stories like that and although inspiring, I have to say that following your dream is a bit easier when you have a six-figure bank account to finance it. I never have earned six figures, let alone even high five figures. I have however tried to find work with a purpose that also pays the bills. …

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At first I believed my cat must be possessed. She would wake up in the middle of the night calling out to what I could only assume was her ancestors with this guttural cry that sounded like she was reenacting The Exorcist. She would sprint through the house chasing an imaginary mouse and ravenously tear up the carpet, digging to who knows where — likely the underworld, to join her demon friends. One time I caught her playing air hockey, using a dead bug as her puck, and launching it back and forth across the wooden living room floor.


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You have watched the commercials and heard the promises. Download this app, buy this language emergent set, and in just a few weeks, you will learn a new language! And maybe they do work for those that are self motivated and able to stare at a screen of lessons, clicking the photo that matches the word for hours. That is just simply not me. It is not that I have a short attention span, I just have a hard time focusing on vocab or grammar lessons that are not connected or interesting, or to be more to the point —…

Cassie Regan

“I like getting older. I feel like I’m finally aging into my personality.” -Nick Miller, New Girl

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